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Nice Website, Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa!

We're stoked that to have built another website for a heavy-hitter on the Vancouver Island tourism scene!

The Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa came to us a few months ago and let us know they were looking to re-design their website, and we were happy to jump in on the project. After a few months of back-and-forth on the website design and sitemap, we're all pretty pleased with what we came up with.

One of the most important aspects of the website re-design was ensuring that it made it easy for people looking for restaurant, hotel, or spa services to easily find the page that applied to them. To do that, we used a split-menu system that kept the primary navigation at the top of the page to let users easily snap to the info they needed.

They new site also makes full use of the Brentwood Bay Resort's brand colour scheme, and leverages gorgeous photography of the rooms and amenities with splashy headers.

Thanks to everyone at the Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa! We hope you're enjoying your new website as much as we enjoyed making it for you.